Why and How to Establish Good Rapport

In real estate, it pays to have great interpersonal skills, and not just in the little ways--we’re talking your next listing.  As one of the best in the business, Ben Bacal puts it simply: “people want to work with likeable people.”  While most of this is fairly standard, there are a few big do’s and don’ts that you, as a broker, should follow to build great rapport...

Don’t be a salesperson

When you’re interviewing with prospective sellers, be how you are with your friends and family: genuine, caring, friendly, upbeat...you get the idea.  Bacal says: “don’t be a salesman,” try to connect with that person.  Establishing that trust, camaraderie, and open communication helps the seller know that you care and will look out for their best interests in selling their home, which is exactly what they want to know.

Keep it positive

No matter what, never say anything negative about someone’s house:  “you’ve absolutely got to love their house.”  This one doesn’t need much elaboration.  Focus and compliment what’s good and charming about the home, and refrain from that well-intended (but often less well-received) constructive critique.  

Be appreciative

It’s all about creating that atmosphere of good energy, and a big part of that is simply being appreciative.  Thank the seller for his or her time and the opportunity to work together, and make sure you carry that energy through every step of the process--especially if you get the listing.  If they share good news from their lives, celebrate with them just as you would with a friend!

Bottom line, no matter how far you build up your track record, don’t take any listings or deals for granted.  Show that you value each and every opportunity to work with someone and sell their home.

Remember that it’s always a big deal for the seller to put their home on the market.  They’ll want to work with a broker who’s likeable and will look out for their best interests.  So don’t just pitch and sell--build rapport.

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