The History, & Population of Studio City, Los Angeles

Studio City is located in is in the LA region/county. The reason for its name is due to the studio that was built around the area thanks to the film producer Mack Sennet.  

Studio City’s History-

Studio City was originally known as Laurelwood, it was exchanged by many during the early 19th century where it was finally purchased by James Boon Lankershim as well as other developers of the land. It was then made into ranch land, where Lankershim Ranch Land & Water Company was founded and established until 1899. From there, the water rights were then transferred over to Los Angeles and was then a subdivision of the county.  

In 1908 the development began of the Los Angeles aqueduct where water was to reach places as far as the San Fernando Valley, which it did in November of 1913. It was then that proper real estate flourished, where many laid their hands-on land development, establishing the present Studio City of today. This was thanks to many men such as Hobart Johnstone Whitley, who was the one who acquired many of the land deeds that Lankershim once obtained.  

Then in 1927, Mack Sennet began to build new studios along with the newly developed city, where Studio City would be centered around it. Lastly, in 1955, Studio City became the first place for a racially integrated fire department, having Station 78 its very first station to integrate these social reforms.

Studio City’s Population-

According to a 2000 U.S census, Studio City had a total of 35 thousand residents living in its neighborhoods, about 6 thousand people per Studio City’s square mile. Then in 2008, Studio City had increased its population to about 37 thousand people.  

Around 2000, the average age of its residents was roughly 40 years of age while its highest is young adults averaging from 19-25 years old.

Its overall ethnic diversity ranged from places such as Latin America, Asia, parts of the Middle East, and Europe.  

Studio City’s Residential Income & Families-

The average annual income in a household in Studio City back in 2008 was about 75 thousand dollars, while the overall percentage of income earnings within a household was high in the LA county in general.  

The average size for each household was about low compared to other parts of the city/county, and renters are the ones who are mostly occupying the housing market, having 56% of total housing stocks in the city.

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