The Advantages and Disadvantages of using a dual agent to aid in purchasing a California home (Part 2/2)

Dual Agent Disadvantages.

It’s important to note all the dangerous aspects of hiring a dual agent as well:

You might feel a bit overwhelmed as utilizing a dual agency is a big step to be decided in a little amount of time-- but don’t allow this to affect your choice. There are still ways to obtain a buyer’s agent to intervene in the sales process and guide you through it in the span of a few hours.

Your final selection needs to also be made according to details of your specific transaction. For instance, in a thriving real estate scene where it turns out that homeowner is also being represented by your broker’s office (but collaborating with another agent), and you’re wondering how to beat the competition, and under the precedent that you’ve studied to the point of understanding the property's value, working in conjunction with a dual agency could be the most practical. But if you’re a new inexperienced buyer who isn’t well acquainted with the market and you come into contact with an enthusiastic committed agent during a house’s visiting period who's ready to construct a proposal, then it may be advised to stick with the single agent.  

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