Remodeling Bathrooms (2/2)

Types of Faucets:

Bathrooms not only need a functional faucet, but it also needs to compliment with the aspect of the interior design you’re choosing to remodel your bathroom. Having a faucet that seems out of place loses the luster needed, and thus here are a few choices you can choose from to make sure you have the desired faucet.

If you want a fancy look towards your desired remodeled bathroom, then good alternatives for faucets would be a Delta Vero faucet. They are reasonably priced, and provide the fanciness and elegance you want and need in your bathroom space.

There are also the THG Paris collections that provide a sleek and silvery tone with a modern look to your bathroom. With different styles to choose from and more, they make sure to bring the modern vibe needed for the bathroom space. The only downside to this collection of faucets is that they are pricey, so if you are willing to make the financial sacrifice, then THG is perfect for your bathroom.

Types of Vanities:

The support area for storage and interior design is also important for the bathroom remodeling process. LIke the faucets, they too come with a theme intended to be used for the bathroom space, and thus, here are a few good examples of how each one fits with their usage and design.

If you are a fan of ornate designs for bathrooms, then Topex Design has a few good designs to choose from. Some of their modern bathroom designs come with glass tops, and range around the 2,500$ to even the three thousands, so they can be pricey. However, if you want modern with a mix of fanciness, then these vanities are the ones for you. There is also Keuco, as their vanities are around the same style of modern glass. They are available in TKB Supply places if interested.

For fairer and an added touch of wood and color to the vanities and bathroom spaces, then Fairmont Designs and Madeli Baths are also good alternatives. Both are reasonably well priced for their vanities, and they make sure to provide modern color textures for those intrigued by the modern design for the remodeling process.

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