In 10 Years There Are 6 Key Things You May Hate About Your Dream House

So you’ve gone house hunting and fallen in love with a property. As in any love story, people often overlook the bad and focus on the good. By taking a step back and looking at the things you don’t like you can gain a lot of clarity. When you notice something undesirable, ask yourself “can I live with this forever?” When it comes to property, you really need to focus on what will happen in ten years.

Location, Location, Location!

You may love the idea of a home with a view, but if that view comes at the cost of a long scenic route to get groceries you may want to think for a minute. If something happens late at night, you want to make sure that there is a place to get emergency or general items without having to go far. You will also have to commute to and from work from this location so make sure that it is what you really want to do.

If you have children you will want to consider nearby schools and parks. If you want to live near people in the city or suburbs, location applies in a different way.

Neighborhood noise

If a neighborhood is relatively empty when you move in, keep in mind that it won’t always be that way. New homes will be built and you may end up being far closer to your neighbors than you hoped. If there are train tracks and other noisy things surrounding your home, are you really going to want that in a decade? A ticking clock can eventually sound too loud, so keep in mind that you will become more aware of the noises as time goes on.

Going on drives around the neighborhood at various times may help. If you can stop residents and ask if they have any complaints, it can be a real eye-opener that the firehouse sounds a lot closer than it looks. If there is a stretch of road, there may be people that try to race on it. A good realtor may also be able to point out a few flaws so having a realtor who is familiar with the area is a big bonus.

Electrical outlets: number and location

Studies have shown that women will look closely at the number of cup holders in a vehicle to purchase. The same care should be taken when thinking of electrical outlets. If you know that you have a lot of electronics or lights, space heaters, furniture that requires electricity, etc. then pay attention. Keep in mind the placing of outlets as well. One outlet in the guest bathroom may be all you need, but if it is on the side by the sink and you have to wrap the cord around the faucets then it can be a hassle. To have additional outlets installed can be pricey so if you are building, add the outlet. If you are purchasing a pre-existing home, know that you may be stuck with what you have. Also, keep in mind how you will have to set up your furniture and electronics based on placement. Extension cords can end up being a safety hazard after a while.

Closet space!

This works for a house with too much or too little. If you have a ton of potential living space stuck in a closet, it is a waste. Still, it is a lot easier to make a large extra closet a small office or dark room than trying to figure out how to fit everything into a small space. When you fill your closets the second you move in, it will be a constant struggle anytime you get new clothes.

Swimming pools

It seems like a great investment to get a home with a pool. You never have to worry about what you will do on a long, hot summer day. The answer is in your backyard. Consider the costs that come with that pool though. You have to build a safety fence because small children will wander in. The cost of maintenance during the summer can get really high and it can be time-consuming. Many people find that getting a pool service is easier, but it costs even more money.

Poorly thought out landscaping

Trees close to your house may seem like an energy saver during summer, but if it looks a little too close now, picture it in ten years. It will get bigger and it can become a major problem. It can impact drainage and can cause some serious headaches if they fall over or begin to die. Tree removal can be expensive but it is necessary if a tree is dead or new issues can arise.

In the end

Many of these issues can be avoided with a bit of planning. If you can really be honest about these issues, it frees you up to deal with any other issues that come out. You could build six dream houses fixing what you didn’t like the houses before it, and you will still find something that just doesn’t work. Being realistic will help.

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