Digital Marketing: the Creative Process

Digital marketing can really boost your brand when it’s done well, but that does take time and resources.  So how do you make it work seamlessly with everything else on your plate?  It is a bit of a balancing act, as Ben Bacal concedes.  However, with some planning and prioritizing, it is possible to consistently build your brand while prospecting, fielding leads and closing sales.  Here’s how to invest your time and money to make branding work for you.


Creating content can be something you enjoy and learn a lot from, but you need to make it a collaborative process.  Bacal’s favorite branding activity is to create videos of his listings--after all, he was in the entertainment industry before getting into real estate!  However, shooting, editing, and marketing footage himself was taking too much time away from generating leads and other priorities.  By changing up his content-producing strategy, he’s found a way to contribute high-quality content using less of his own time, and shares some tips on how to do the same:


Digital marketing reaches more people per dollar than any other medium, but it still takes some planning and a bit of cash to be effective...

Every sale you make, put 10% of those earnings into your digital marketing funds.

Email blasts to your network, sharing posts on your Instagram page, etc. can reach a lot of people for little to no cost

It’s not about spending big money for pricey ads; it’s producing high-quality, engaging content that gets the shares and views

The big picture…

Real estate will always be a face-to-face business, which means prospecting should be the #1 focus of your time and efforts.  That being said, branding via digital marketing is a close second priority: you need to promote what you’ve sold and generate interest in what’s next!  It does take time to produce quality content that adds value to the consumer, so use a smart creative strategy to make the most of your time and opportunities.

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