Digital Marketing: Content & Style

There are many possibilities to building your brand with digital marketing--from videos, sponsored posts, and more. Where should you focus?  Ben Bacal weighs in on what’s effective for branding in real estate.


Digital marketing allows you to work outside the format of traditional print ads (newspapers, flyers, etc.).  Take advantage of this opportunity to produce creative content that adds value to consumers.  Here are ways to do that.

Give the people what they want.  That is: content that conveys a lot with a little, shared the minute it’s available.  Videos and photos are the best way to cater to the crowd--as the expression goes, “a picture’s worth a thousand words”.  You have a lot of creative freedom to highlight cool properties and listings with high-quality, neatly-edited visual content.  

The only drawback, Bacal advises: it’s a big commitment of time and effort.  Have a plan in place to balance that out.  Delegate editing to someone else, post a series of short videos, or a few photos at a time.

While the focus is generally shifting away from lengthy written content, it’s still a good idea to have some details and info for those who want to read more.  Also try sharing updates à la Twitter style--short and concise updates, tips, ideas, open house notices...


How will you share your content?  It’s best to use a combination of these media, and gear the content accordingly.

If you’re aiming for visibility, this is the place to be.  Part of this is simply being active--posting often (i.e. daily) on your facebook, Instagram, and other social media.  Share your own content and, as much as you can afford to, sponsor content where it’ll get more views from a large number of followers.  

Outreach to people you know directly or through your network.  Share brief updates on your sales, new and neat listings--ideally every week. Your next lead may come from a helpful friend or family member, without the cost of sponsoring content.

Being novel

Here’s a reality check: if you’re focused toward building a following on social media, you’ll be competing with several hundreds of other people, who already have 100K+’s that going to work for you?  Bacal’s solution--don’t try to compete, do something new and different that engages an audience in a share-worthy, interest-generating way. This is where your creativity skills come into play--be innovative, time-efficient, and still cater to the crowd.

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