Building your Brand

These days, many industries are leveraging digital media platforms to establish their brands.  Real estate is no exception--agents are shifting from print ads and signs, toward social media.  How important is it to get on board?  Ben Bacal explains why and how you should incorporate digital marketing to build your brand.

Invest in visibility

At the end of the day, marketing costs money.  Especially when you’re first starting out (without a huge marketing budget), you need to choose wisely: meaning, where you’ll get the most views and make the biggest impact per dollar spent.  Traditional marketing, such as postcards, remain effective..but expensive.   Bacal gives this example: spend $300 on postcards, or spend that same amount to sponsor a post on facebook or Instagram, and get a lot more views.  Digital marketing is clearly more cost-effective.

Leverage your network

Networking has been cited time and again as a powerful strategy in many industries, simply because it works.  Given that real estate will always be a face-to-face business, of which a big part is building on referrals, be active at networking.  One of the best ways to do that is to combine it with your digital branding focus.  Here are Bacal’s suggestions:

The big takeaway with digital marketing...

If you aren’t already using digital marketing to build your brand, get started.  Otherwise, it’ll soon be very difficult to keep up with other agents, who have been leveraging social media and other digital branding strategies for years.  

The key to being effective is to focus not just on advertising, but really adding value to the consumer.  That’s something you can do with digital marketing, unlike with traditional mediums.  Create and sponsor content that’s both informative and engaging, generates interest in what you do, and shows off all the neat properties you’re listing and selling.  

Bottom line: use digital marketing to complement prospecting and building on referrals.  When done well, it’ll boost your visibility and help establish you as a reliable resource who has access to all the coolest places in town--in other words, people’s go-to agent for all their real estate needs.

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