A Simple Guide to Prepping your Home for Sale (1/2)

Present a well-maintained space

Upkeep can often make-or-break a home sale.  Few buyers want to move into a big repair job and the responsibility (and cost) of fixing it.  Before even putting your home on the market, make sure to have a trusted handyman take care of every fix and minor touch-up you can find, from appliances and dripping faucets to rusted hinges and stuck windows.  It’s a good idea to prepare a list of several professionals who can return everything to good working order, as needed, before a showing.

Neutralize your space with a fresh coat of paint

Interior paint preferences vary from person-to-person. A fresh coat of paint can do more than conceal minor marks and scratches on the walls, especially if you select white, neutral, and grey tones.  These tones are not only more universally-appealing to buyers, they also better-reflect and disperse light throughout your home, making it brighter and more expansive.

Use staging to reveal your home’s potential

The good news is you don’t need to spend a fortune to stage your home indoors and out, and still boost your odds of landing a higher offer in less time.  It’s easy to find interior furnishings and decor that only looks expensive, without a big price tag to match.  Check blogs and social media for free inspiration and design ideas.  Likewise, give your home’s exterior an affordable but effective face-lift.  Apply fresh paint or touch up and any bricks/stonework if necessary, clear off walkways, trim the grass, and attend to any sad-looking flowering plants.  After all, you can create a great impression on buyers even before they walk through the door.

Get a pro to shoot the listing photos

Pictures are worth more than a thousand words--especially when it’s your listing photos we’re talking about.  Most buyers’ first chance to preview your home will be online, so you want the listing photos to compel them to see the place in-person.  How is this done?  After doing a deep clean, stashing excess belongings, and staging your home, get a professional photographer to shoot high-resolution photos.  Your Realtor should be able to recommend the right pro for the job.

Rent temporary storage space

Even after donating or ridding your unwanted belongings, you’ll need a temporary space to stash the ones you want to hold on to.  To successfully show your home in a way that boosts your chances of landing a great offer from a buyer, you’ll need to have many fewer belongings (and a smaller wardrobe) onsite than you would reasonably have in day-to-day life.  This is especially true for staging your home.

Minimize personal decor, keepsakes and other items

When showing your home, you don’t want to overwhelm potential buyers with yours and your family’s life stories.  You should leave a few neatly-framed portraits and plaques or certificates to help buyers imagine living in the home.  However, the majority of your momentos, souvenirs, sporting equipment, kids toys and collection of trophies and awards should be placed in your storage unit.

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