A Simple Guide to Prepping your Home for Sale (1/1)

If you’re ready to sell your home, you probably have your sights set on getting a great offer from a buyer in as little time as possible.  Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do prior to listing your house to put the odds in your favor.  From minor touch-ups to involving the right pros to help out, here are 11 tips and to-do’s to prep for a smooth sale before putting your home on the market.

Research the market and gauge your list price

There’s a bit of a science to setting your list price, but it’s certainly possible with some research and the support of your Realtor.  Start with an online search to scope out the price range of other homes for sale throughout your zip code.  Try to find listings with similar square footage, features, and location to your home; also note how long they have been on the market.  You may wish to adjust your evaluation from a home that’s larger (or smaller) than your house but very close in features and location.  In any case, be sure to incorporate the experienced insights of your Realtor.

Choose a great listing agent

The right listing agent will help you manage the groundwork that goes into selling your home, from staging and listing, to connecting with buyers.  That being said, put some thought and effort in selecting a Realtor to work with--seek recommendations and ask the right questions.  For starters, the Realtor should share a solid plan to sell your home, and keep you in the loop throughout the process.  Get a sense for how well-versed they are with leveraging social media, looping in possible buyers, and their familiarity with your neighborhood.  You may also wish to discuss plans and involvement with staging or preparing your home for showing.

Have backups to keep the lights on

Any time your home is shown to prospective buyers, it must be well-lit throughout.  That means making sure that all light fixtures, including lamps, have fully-working light bulbs.  It’s wise to keep extras of each type light bulb on hand to replace any burnouts in no time.

Thoroughly clean and refresh your home

One of the best ways to make a favorable first impression with any buyer is to present a sparkling-clean, pleasantly-refreshed home.  In other words, before every showing, every room should be dust-free and fresh-scented, with spotless carpets and flooring, scrubbed-down bathrooms and surfaces, and crystal-clear windows and mirrors.  Don’t hesitate to hire professional cleaning services.

Clear out cluttered, crowded spaces

The focus should be on the house itself--not all the items you’ve filled it with.  Clear out any disarray--such as closets crammed with shoes and clothes, or stacks of paper, gadgets, and other odds-and-ends clustered about tables and countertops.  These can easily distract a buyer from the full potential your home has to offer.  Keep it simple, open and organized.

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