4 Ways to Building Your Own Home  PART 2/2 | By Sync Brokerage Real Estate

3. Tiny Homes 

Tiny homes are interesting and have been increasing steadily over the years. Like the other options mentioned, they are quite affordable and range from a few thousand, but they do have a hefty gap of 100k dollars depending again on the region you are looking to build one.  


There are even some websites that offer certain plans for tiny home purchases, having all the necessities needed for the work to be done. Some people will even build these tiny homes onto trailers to allow for more portability and others prefer they stay permanent with a strong foundation and structure. 


What’s more to consider is that tiny homes don’t have the traditional mortgage financing available to them, so it is harder to obtain one without needing to consider loans in order to further finance the house and the project. And adding more to that pile of challenges, you would need to make sure you have a solid building plan to go through with everything needed before tackling the tiny home. 


4. Home Kits 

Home kits are basically like real life Legos in the sense that they are delivered at your own doorstep and are easy to assemble.  

They can become a good choice if you have no idea as to how to gather all the materials and supplies you need for building your own house or if you were the type of person that would rather get it all done in a quick manner. In terms of prices, home kits depend on the size of each kit and thus are generally about 20% less than most builds with contractors and even less if you were planning to build it traditionally yourself. 


These home kits can be bought from builders themselves or even online in places such as Amazon. Their price range is affordable and fits neatly in one’s own budget, averaging around 10k dollars.  

Its setup or construction is easy and quick with some builders being able to get them down in a few weeks then months unlike most traditional based house builds.  


Despite which route you are willing to take to perform your own house DIY building project, it is important that you understand the factors that are needed to take place with each one and how they can be incorporated into your lifestyle. 

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