12 Steps to Relocate and Find Home in a New City (1/2)

Choose a reliable, client-focused Realtor

Out of all the items on your moving checklist, this is not one to take shortcuts.  Choosing the right Realtor can make all the difference in getting the place you love long after you settle in, at a price you can manage, and with minimal hassle.  A thorough knowledge of the housing market in the region and a keen eye for the time and place to buy is a must-have in a Realtor.  Beyond this, your agent should select listings that accurately reflect your needs, preferences, and budget. Finally, a great Realtor responds to your calls and messages with completion and within a reasonable amount of time.

Ask if your employer will sponsor your relocation

If your employer requested you relocate for work, they may cover the partial or full cost of the move.  Whatever the terms of the offer, documentation is usually requested for reimbursement.  Be sure to retain receipts for moving services and equipment rentals, refueling, temporary lodging, restaurants, and other relocation-related expenses.

Research and hire an accredited, insured moving service

Ideally, everything will arrive at your new place as planned, and in one piece.  This is more likely to happen if you hire only licensed moving professionals.  Since the last thing you want is to end up with a big loss or liability while trying to make your moving experience easier, verify that any moving service you use has the proper accreditations and insurance.

Join your local community listservs

Many communities have listservs or resident groups on social networks.  Once you’ve selected and settled into your new home, joining one or more local listservs will help you connect and stay in touch with your neighbors.  It can also be highly practical resource to find recommendations for local repairs professionals, safety tips and other good-to-know info as a new member of the community.

(Re)Connect with members of your new community

Your new house won’t quite feel like home until you have friends in your new city.  If you already know someone in the area, take the opportunity to reconnect.  If not, there are still plenty of ways you can start building ties in your new city.  Whether it’s professional networking events or interest-based organizations and volunteer groups, the fastest way to create new friendships is to get involved.  And of course, don’t forget to meet your neighbors as you get settled in.

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