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In Los Angeles, proactive in the Real Estate, Sync was founded with the ultimate goal of creating a new business model that provides more options for today’s leaders in an environment that promotes creativity and the ability to operate at your full potential.

Personal connection

Our service model is designed to radiate positive energy and connect
on a personal level with each interaction. Our service demonstrates
integrity transparency and execution.

Sync Brokerage
Cutting Edge Real Estate Agency

The Sync Vision

Making Real Estate enjoyable while building sustainable growth


We believe in a culture all our own

We believe in

Generosity We're consistently involved in charities throughout the communities in which we work and live.

Eco-friendly We've proudly been a paperless company for over 7 years.

HONESTY We see our clients as partner and approach every transaction by solely promoting their best interest.

Humbleness Your goals are our goals. Our service is predicated on delivering your desired results.

Equality Every client deserves and receives the same great service.

Tech & marketing We stay at the forefront of the industry by educating and providing cutting-edge tools to our agents.

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