How it works!

Understanding that our younger generations are not big fans of long term commitments, our franchise business model is very flexible and straight forward. You determined for how long you want to date us before you marry us; we both agree we need to know each other prior of signing long term commitments, therefore is your choice.

From 1-year business partnership to 3 years, 5 years, 10 years and so on… Our commitment is to make sure we never stop creating innovation to keep us all ahead of the market.

1 year franchise fee $5000
3 year franchise fee $8,500
5 year franchise fee $12,500
10 year franchise fee $25,000

Our franchise fee per transaction is 4% which is the lowest in the market and it includes access to all our systems.

Our transaction management service fee is $400 payable by the client through escrow and this will grant you full access to our cloud base transaction management software.

E&O Insurance, each office to provide insure their agents independently.

Let’s Work Together.

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